YoutubeHelper is a little Greasemonkey script that tries to solve to annoyances about YouTube.

  • Depending on your country you see some results showing up in search lists that link to a page saying that you're not allowed to see the video. For instance germany most of the time it's the GEMA that causes such blocking. Since you won't be able to see the video, you might want to have a visual clue of that before navigating to it.
  • There are downloaders for videos that allow you to view content offline, however I have not see one that can deal with lists of videos in search results. For instance I like to download Let's Plays and watch them on my TV. In many cases these things span multiple parts due to their length.


Installing the script is quite easy: Just klick on the attachment at the end of the article and you're good to go.


The script hooks into pages on YouTube and checks the links to videos. For the following example I'm, going to search for music videos since you step into the problem there more often then with game footage, however the process is the same.

I started a search using the term "video games" to find the song by Lana Del Rey. Here is a screenshot of my results.

As you can see, one link in the list is greyed out. The reason is that the video is deactivated for me.

After a few seconds I will also have a popup at the bottom right of the search page:


The text box contains all valid links. You will see links in there appear multiple times. This is because the page may also contain the same link multiple times. If you want to get rid of the links, just click into the grey handle at the right.

With this list you can easily download a series of videos with a downloader like JDownloader.

Final Words

This is a real early version of the script. It might have bugs or not even work at all for you. I might add features to it or never touch it again. I did not create this script to encourage people to download stuff instead of buying it, but let's face it - country based restrictions are a bad idea and I don't see any way that this benefits the artists.

YouTubeHelper.user.js (2,03 kb)

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