XapDump is an inspector for Fiddler. It allows peeking into the contents of Silverlight applications, that go over the wire as so called "Xap files" which are internally Zip files with embedded assemblies and other resources.

XapDump requires version v2.2.9.1 of Fiddler being installed.

To install the inspector, extract the files from the zip archive into your Fiddler/Inspectors directory. When relaunching fiddler you will see a new tab in the response inspector panel.

In the list at the top you can select the files inside the xap archive, The text panel below displays file contents. Only the contents of files with an extension other than ".dll", ".png" and ".jpg" are displayed. To filter down the list, you may enter a search pattern in the text box above.

Selecting a file in the list and hitting Ctrl+C will copy the file to the clipboard. Selecting a dll and hitting Ctrl+D will disassemble the file using Reflector (if installed). By now, XapDump expects Reflector to be installed under %PROGRAMFILES%\Reflector if installed somewhere else, a browse file dialog will appear.

The tool uses the DotNEtZip Library for decompression. It is totally free for any use. Use is at your own risk.

A good url to try it out is my bouncing link navigation.

Feedback is welcome, I hope you find the inspector somehow useful.

XapDump-1.1.zip (82,36 kb)

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