Perhaps you know this, when developing you have to lookup lots of stuff, like perform database queries, search for information in files, etc. Most of the queries you perform are quite repetitive in nature, so you collect an arsenal of scripts for different platforms (sql, shell code, ...). Query tries to provide a launching shell for such scripts.

In essence, the idea is quite simple, you define so called queries, that deliver data in a table style. Then you plug in renderers to display them. 

User Interface

  Query Interface

This screenshot depicts the main interface of Query.

  1. In this dropdown, defined queries can be selected. Once selected, a query is executed immediately.
  2. Re-execute the current query.
  3. List the captions of results returned from a query. A caption is a defined column in the resultset. In this screenshot, the caption matches the first column.
  4. This textbox allows filtering down results by entering match criteria. Criteria may be delimited using spaces and will be applied using logical or.
  5. List the results. If no captions have been selected in (3), all results will be displayed, otherwise just the selected ones.

You can read the complete documentation online here.


query-1.1.zip (300,15 kb)

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