Sometimes there is a need to search for specific terms in a large amount of text files, e.g. Source Code/XML Configuration files.  
This can be achieved by many available tools on the market. I often use Notepad++ which has the option to search in a folder recursively. Other options are tools like Grep/WinGrep, some of them have a GUI, some are commandline tools, some are free, others cost money.  
One thing most tools are pretty bad at is, when searching over a large amount of files, because they do not have a concept of an index - but instead each search starts from scratch. The ideas behind FastFind are:

  • There should be concept of projects meaning that searches can be initiated very quick
  • Some kind of database should be used to make queries inside one such project blazingly fast
  • Changes inside a project should become available immidiately without the need for refreshes or other manual steps.
  • It should be possible to view the found file easily and execute actions on it.

FASTFind works by using an indexing store called hOOt, which is like a small version of Lucene. The indexing works by extracting terms, so you will not find word fragemnts, just whole words, however the speed and size tradeoff for this is really good.  
The application is a rather small self contained WPF executable, easy to understand and use. (926,79 kb)

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