by Administrator 5. Februar 2017 06:54

I rewrote most of Lumberjack to get some nice benefits like:

  • Searches for additional meta data.
  • Rest services support
  • Extensible via MEF

Lumberjack is to WCF what Fiddler is to HTTP. It's a debugging tool that allows inspectiing WCF calls transparently without having to modify the environment. It uses standard WCF hooks for global message inspections.

There is additional support for WCF Rest services (e.g. inspecting/searching for headers).

In addition to all this, the application can be extended to provide custom message analysis features.



To find out more about Lumberjack², check the project site.


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by Administrator 21. Oktober 2015 13:55

I created a little tool that allows you to trace WCF service calls on a machine. Checkout the project page if you're interested.


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by Administrator 3. Dezember 2011 11:34

I added a small article about a little one day project that I used to fiddle around with Nancy and FiddlerCore.Check it out here.

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Silverlight, Wcf Services in ASP.Net Compatibility Mode and Threading

by Administrator 14. Oktober 2009 13:05
I added an article on threading issues with silverlight and wcf in compatibility mode, perhaps this saves you some hassle in similar situations.

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