by Administrator 5. Februar 2017 06:54

I rewrote most of Lumberjack to get some nice benefits like:

  • Searches for additional meta data.
  • Rest services support
  • Extensible via MEF

Lumberjack is to WCF what Fiddler is to HTTP. It's a debugging tool that allows inspectiing WCF calls transparently without having to modify the environment. It uses standard WCF hooks for global message inspections.

There is additional support for WCF Rest services (e.g. inspecting/searching for headers).

In addition to all this, the application can be extended to provide custom message analysis features.



To find out more about Lumberjack², check the project site.


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IE Diagnostics Adapter

by Administrator 28. April 2015 02:22

How cool is that? There is a plugin for IE that allows remote debugging with the Chome Developer Tools.

I will definitely check this one out in one of my future projects.

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by Administrator 8. März 2015 08:05

Tooltime again ;P

This time I made a small tool to search in source files for specific search terms. Go to this post for more information.



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Mongoose Web Server

by Administrator 23. März 2014 03:15

Sometimes you want a simple web server on your development machine to simply serve out pages without server logic. For instance Chrome denies AJAX requests when running via file://, which can be annoying if you have templates in extrernal files.

In such cases I used to work with TinyWeb by Ritlabs, which unfortunately has been removed from their pages and has not been updated for ages. I saw a nice alternative in a Pluralsight video, which is called Mongoose Web Server. It offers a little more than TinyWeb and is available in a free/pro version - the free version suffices for static content.

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by Administrator 15. Januar 2012 10:20

I did a little tool that allows hosting .NET assemblies performing background tasks, check it out here.

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Path Copy Copy

by Administrator 30. Dezember 2011 05:34

... adds a context menu to the explorer that allows to copy the path to a file/folder to the clipboard. Really nice, get it here.




by Administrator 13. Februar 2011 09:12

I read about FTPTD in the c't magazine, where they used to to get a PXE boot working. It's a standalone TFTP client/server, DHCP server, DNS server and syslog daemon. I guess I won't use it for any production thing, but for quick and dirty testing and recovery operations this looks great. There are 32 and 64 bit versions available. 

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by Administrator 22. Januar 2011 03:28

This Week on Channel 9 pointed out a nice utility called SDelete which was developed by Mark Russinovic. What it does is zero out unallocated space on Windows drives. Though the originally intended idea behind the tool is wiping off confidential data off physical hard drives just to prevent folks from recovering deleted files containing password or other data, there is a nother perfectly valid use as the Channel 9 folks stated.

Let's say you prepare a virtual machine, e.g. for a sales presentation box, zeroing out deleted files will not only make sure that you did not leave any unwanted traces, it also significantly contributes to the compressability of the drive image, if you take into account how much temp data is created when installing stuff.



Collaborative Online Editor

by Administrator 17. Juli 2010 15:52

I found these three services after watching the same Webcast by Scott Hanselman mentioned before:

All these are based on EtherPad by Google. What these sites allow you is to anonymously share a text editor with people in a browser. This is absolutely cool in cases where your instant messanger is just not enough to pin something down.


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by Administrator 27. Juni 2010 03:43

If you're looking for lots of good utilities for your daily job, have a look at NirSoft. SmartSniff is an ultra lightweight sniffer, that can run using RAW sockets (along with Pcap and Network monitor). PacketMon pretty much does the same, however SmartSniff is much better in it's GUI.



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