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by Administrator 23. August 2009 14:27

I saw the WP Cumulus by Roy Tanck's on Diggnation today - this one was so cool, so I gave it a shot with silverlight. WP Cumulus is a Word Press plugin that shows a 3D representation of a tag cloud. Unfortunately my hoster does not seem to support Silverlight right now, so i packed a download. Keep in mind that this is just an early demo without configuration options and in depth testing.

Here's a little screenshot: (8,45 kb)


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by Administrator 23. August 2009 03:34

new song added.

Listen to it here.


Enjoy :P


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by Administrator 15. August 2009 05:12

New song added.

You can listen to it here.




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New tool on the way

by Administrator 26. Juli 2009 03:07

just to give you an update on what I'm doing now, this is a little tool I'm developing. It's called Pipe and is a little batch processor. You can define commands like retrieving a text or a url, apply modifications..

The concept evolved at work, where we do service unit tests using SoapUI. With this tool you create SOAP requests and later on verify the response against what you expect using XPath or other criteria. If you're doing continuous testing such a tool is probably the tool of choice, however if you're developing and just want a sneak peak into a service response, this is more than what you want. Pipe is not directly aimed towards xml or web services, it processes texts. However I'm quite confident it will get the job done. It will also be able to handle tasks like merging files, perform transforms...

In addition to the embedded commands, it's able to contribute new ones.

Here's a little screenshot of what it looks like right now:


On the left hand side you see the chain of commands to be executed. The three panels on the right hand side show the variables before the current command, the command configuration and the variables after the command. A variable is a text string with a name, stream being the default. Commands set and read variable values contributing their logic.

I will post the tool here, when it's reached a usable state. Don't expect anything polished here.


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World of Warcraft Ding Tool

by Administrator 12. Juli 2009 04:12

I added this one to the pages, it's a little old but still funny. Enjoy.

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NUnit wih Find Dialog

by Administrator 12. Juli 2009 04:03
I added this little mod to the pages. Enjoy.

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by Administrator 6. Juni 2009 02:23

I added an article about a World of Warcraft addon i wrote.



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Added ColumnToFile to the tools section

by Administrator 26. März 2009 01:52
This commandline tool allows saving binary SQL Server fields to physical files.


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I started composing again

by Administrator 14. März 2009 14:27

After about 10 years of pause I started composing again. Something that drew me back in the past months was the missing environment. I used to compose with my own software "wSEQ" right from the beginning which is closely related to Sound-Tracker Style editors known from the Amiga, however it appeared to be too much work to get the project to a point that supports my current hardware fully. So I decided to give Steinberg Cubase LE a shot. Right now I don't see much missing, however it's a big change to enter notes playing on a midi keyboard.

Cubase LE comes as an OEM version with many midi/audio devices. If you want to start composing I can really recommend it.

You can find my songs at this Url: . The page has no real layout or anything, I will just post my songs there with a little player applet. The player used is MP3 Player.



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Exuberant CTags Support for PSPad

by Administrator 7. November 2008 17:51

If you are using PSPad as a code editor and want an intellisense like experience you might find this tool useful. It uses Exuberant CTags to pupulatean intellisense dropdown

I developed it for my job - I'm working with ASP and found Visual Studio (which most of my colleagues use) to sluggish and did not really get into macro scripting deep enough to customize it to my daily needs. PSPad itself is a great and free editor. It offers code completion in a language agnostic way. In conjunction with this tool I get a really good experience. I did not test it with other languages so your feedback is really appreciated. 

The way it works is quite straight forward. When you invoke intellisense via Control + Space, ctags will be invoked to index the currently open file. Then the objects in the ctags index will be used to populate the intellisense dialog which is a tiny.NET executable.

To get the plugin workng, extract it to the pspad/script/vbscript folder. I added ctags itself to the zip. Perhaps you'll find a more current version on sourceforge by now. There is a standard Keymapping for Control + Space in PSPad which you have to disable first in the options.



CTags supports these languages:

   1.  Assembler
   2. ASP
   3. Awk
   4. BASIC
   5. BETA
   6. C
   7. C++
   8. C#
   9. COBOL
  10. Eiffel
  11. Erlang
  12. Fortran
  13. HTML
  14. Java
  15. JavaScript
  16. Lisp
  17. Lua
  18. Make
  19. Pascal
  20. Perl
  21. PHP
  22. PL/SQL
  23. Python
  24. REXX
  25. Ruby
  26. Scheme
  27. Shell scripts (Bourne/Korn/Z)
  28. S-Lang
  29. SML (Standard ML)
  30. Tcl
  31. Vera
  32. Verilog
  33. Vim
  34. YACC (156,52 kb)

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