by Administrator 13. April 2009 14:47
added Song2 which is also a cover. Enjoy :)



Ray of Light

by Administrator 11. April 2009 17:27
Uploaded a new song, actually not so new, i wrote it about 10 years ago and decided to cover it.



Zombie Hooker on Graveyard

by Administrator 1. April 2009 14:58

How cool is that? :P

I home they make a movie soon - the plot rocks!


Fun Stuff


by Administrator 1. April 2009 14:54


Fun Stuff


by Administrator 30. März 2009 12:46
If you need a way to alalyse / modify xml files from the commandline, check out this tool. I read an article on c't' where they used xml2 to convert XML into a format that can be analysed using tools like grep, awk and sed. However I did not find binaries for the windows platform. XMLStarlet offers this functionality as well. I did some tests modifying a web.config. It takes some time to get good results but it's definitely worth it.



Added ColumnToFile to the tools section

by Administrator 26. März 2009 01:52
This commandline tool allows saving binary SQL Server fields to physical files.


My Stuff

On .NET executable protections

by Administrator 15. März 2009 10:25
I write a little article on the topic. You find it in the page list at the right.

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I started composing again

by Administrator 14. März 2009 14:27

After about 10 years of pause I started composing again. Something that drew me back in the past months was the missing environment. I used to compose with my own software "wSEQ" right from the beginning which is closely related to Sound-Tracker Style editors known from the Amiga, however it appeared to be too much work to get the project to a point that supports my current hardware fully. So I decided to give Steinberg Cubase LE a shot. Right now I don't see much missing, however it's a big change to enter notes playing on a midi keyboard.

Cubase LE comes as an OEM version with many midi/audio devices. If you want to start composing I can really recommend it.

You can find my songs at this Url: . The page has no real layout or anything, I will just post my songs there with a little player applet. The player used is MP3 Player.



My Stuff | Music

Digital art on the web

by Administrator 1. Februar 2009 04:42
If you are interested in demos and digital art, check out In contrast to other sites on the topic you can view demos as movies in your browser (though the quality is not as good as actually running the demo). Demos are quite well organised and can be rated.


Fun Stuff

DevNull SMTP

by Administrator 26. Januar 2009 13:07

I stumbled across a real neaty when it comes to debugging automatically generated emails.

Devnull ist a dummy SMTP server. It takes incoming mails and allows you to display their content without actually utilizing a real mail server. Especially when it comes to ruling out non sent emails (which may also have been denied by the mail server) or wrong formats (e.g. no HTML encoding...) this is a quite unobtrusive way to go.

The website offers an offline version of the tool and an online version running as an applet in your browser. Both require the Java Runtime to be installed. If you are interested in the actual content of a mail and it's encoded via base64 you may use an online decoder like this one.


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