by Administrator 11. Mai 2013 07:59

After some weeks of testing (and some ups and downs ;P) I put the first version of WebPod2 online. You can reach it here.

In a nutshell it's a more mature version of my previous webpod project. At this point I will not give out accounts, however I'm planning to open some slots in the next weeks.

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WebPod First Public Release

by Administrator 25. August 2012 04:52

My player project works out fine up to this point. I decided to make it accessible publicly. The demo account is limited in that you cannot carry over your settings to a new session. In a nutshell logging in creates a user that is a clone of a default user. I may when the project becomes more stable go a head and allow registrations (like the one i personally use). I will have a close eye on how much traffic it creates and hope to get some nice feedback. 

I mostly tested using Chrome and Firefox. Hopefully I'm not seing too much cross browser issues coming up.


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