Firefox slowness on localhost on Windows 7

by Administrator 7. September 2010 04:44

Right now I'm working on a tiny ASP.NET MVC project. I noticed the poor performance when working with the local application and became a little nervous that this might be a problem in my code. The good news is, that there is a Firefox issue with localhost connections and IPV6. Check out this great article for some background and the solution. This one definitely saved my day since I would have started some profiling without it.

I'll post some more stuff about the project in the future since there's quite some interesting plumming in place which might be interesting for other projects as well.

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Telnet Url Handlers in Windows Vista

by Administrator 19. Mai 2010 14:05

As you probably know, you cannot only have http:// links inside web pages, but also other protocols like ftp://, gopher:// and telnet. At work we tried to embed telnet links into a webpage to allow directly connecting to telnet logging ports exposed by a log4net telnet appender.

Actually two topics popped up. The first one was, that Internet Explorer showed a generic "Page cannot be displayed" error upon clicking such links. Firefox was able to navigate to the links and showed a popup where the application to use for telnet could be selected. What Internet Explorer means with it's error is, that telnet hyperlinks are prohibited (how intuitive :P).

Fortunately I found this post, that shows, how to reenable telnet links.

If you do not want to stick to the default telnet client for windows (I wanted to use Putty), you cannot do this via the default program associations in Vista, for some odd reason, telnet does not appear there, http, ftp and other protocols do. However you can easily introduce a registry setting to make the change. I suggest that you first install the windows telnet client, if you have not already done so. Then - in regedit - navigate to:


Here you can replace the current association with the path to your telnet executable, in my case:

"C:\Program Files\Putty\putty.exe" %1

Note, that I used quotes to allow a path with spaces. The %1 will be replaced by the host/port of the telnet:// link.

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