First sqlDev version is available for download

by Administrator 1. November 2008 13:52


this is really an exciting moment for me. After weeks of work on this project I put v0.8 online. Though I don't expect much activity in terms of feedback or downloads now I'm quite confident that this project is going a good way.

I'm not sure wether I will actively promote the site at all before making sqlDev available for purchase. Google has already cought up with the content to bring some random surfers in. Let's see what happens :)

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sqlDev Website is (almost) up

by Administrator 18. Oktober 2008 08:24

allright - the administration tool for Domain Box appears to be down right not - so i guess I'll try creating the subdomain later today.

SqlDev is my current project - an IDE for Microsoft SQL Server development. I will first provide some betas until enough functionality is inside to make it worth a purchase. SqlDev will be Shareware and really inexpensive. Actually I'm only planning to compensate the costs of this website and the components I purchased to create it. I'll post some infomation on the progress of the project here from time to time and perhaps some interesting stuff I stumlbed across during development.

The website for the project will be


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