DailyQuote updated

by Administrator 23. März 2012 02:37

... they broke it - i fixed it! ;P

Find the update here.

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nTray v0.2

by Administrator 21. Januar 2012 04:48

Just a tiny update with a bugfix and a configuration optimization. If you're good with the current version there's no need to upgrade.

Check out this article to get it.


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by Administrator 18. Januar 2012 11:55

Yet another completely useless addon for Snarl/nTray. It shows funny quoutes from http://www.great-quotes.com from time to time using Snarl.

DailyQuote-0.3.zip (5,20 kb)

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by Administrator 16. Januar 2012 11:38


They did a site update that caused AccuSnarl to break so I updated the engine to compensate.

I did a snarl plugin to show the current weather from AccuWeather.com. There is already such a plugin, however it post way too much information so I just stripped it to the bare minimum. This is also an nTray plugin, so copy it under the modules folder (or somewhere else) and add the location to the search directories.

You have to configure the location you are interested in and the polling interval inside AccuSnarl.dll.config:

<setting name="AccuWeatherUrl" serializeAs="String">
<setting name="PollingInterval" serializeAs="String">

To find out the correct url, go the accu weather and navigate to the quick look page. It looks like this:

AccuSnarl-0.4.zip (8,46 kb)

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TfsSnarl is now an nTray Plugin

by Administrator 16. Januar 2012 07:52

Get the new version here.

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by Administrator 15. Januar 2012 10:20

I did a little tool that allows hosting .NET assemblies performing background tasks, check it out here.

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