ASP.NET Development Server with Fiddler

by Administrator 11. September 2010 04:11

The ASP.NET Development Server, which is used when developing websites with Visual Studio without IIS running only accepts localhost connections which prevents Fiddler from being able to intercept the traffic. The good news is, that fiddler offers a way to get to such traffic using the url http://ipv4.fiddler:<port> (or ipv6).

Check out this post for more information about hooking up with fiddler (funny wording btw. :P)

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Firefox slowness on localhost on Windows 7

by Administrator 7. September 2010 04:44

Right now I'm working on a tiny ASP.NET MVC project. I noticed the poor performance when working with the local application and became a little nervous that this might be a problem in my code. The good news is, that there is a Firefox issue with localhost connections and IPV6. Check out this great article for some background and the solution. This one definitely saved my day since I would have started some profiling without it.

I'll post some more stuff about the project in the future since there's quite some interesting plumming in place which might be interesting for other projects as well.

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