CruiseControl.NET and Tempfiles

by Administrator 11. Mai 2010 04:09

Since yesterday we had the problem that our automated builds stopped working for some bogus reasony (we got errors pointing into the direction of a trashed .NET installation). Nothing changed on the box, nothing was installed...

We found out that manually executing the Nant steps that cruise control does still worked. In the end it turned out, that the temp folder of the user under which CruiseControl.NET runs got trashed up with temp files and windows simply ran out of temp files names.

Process Monitor did a really nice job diagnosing this since we saw several tries to open files in the folder with names like this:


All these tries were canceled by windows with a name collision error. These file names are the result of using windows api to generate a temp filename. Apart from 4 digits being simply too little to do the job it's quite annoying to have applications not clean up after their work and Windows not giving a damn about it (at least it issued the name for the temp file and could keep track of leaks).

Now we started deleting stuff and build start working again. Commandline is the tool of choice since windows explorer acts kinda uncool with directories with hundreds and thousands of files. I guess a nice cleanup job will suffice to prevent us from stepping into the issue again.

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Cruise Control.NET & StatLight

by Administrator 29. April 2010 06:45

As posted some weeks ago we ran into issues with hung IE instances in a continuous integration environment running Silverlight unit tests. We switched to the StatLight which runs really good so far. To get the results in the build report, you need to adjust the stylesheet that transforms the unit test results to html.

Our build/integration guru Klaus was kind enough to provide this.

Check the readme.txt for instructions on how to install this. (2,48 kb)

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