by Administrator 22. Januar 2011 03:28

This Week on Channel 9 pointed out a nice utility called SDelete which was developed by Mark Russinovic. What it does is zero out unallocated space on Windows drives. Though the originally intended idea behind the tool is wiping off confidential data off physical hard drives just to prevent folks from recovering deleted files containing password or other data, there is a nother perfectly valid use as the Channel 9 folks stated.

Let's say you prepare a virtual machine, e.g. for a sales presentation box, zeroing out deleted files will not only make sure that you did not leave any unwanted traces, it also significantly contributes to the compressability of the drive image, if you take into account how much temp data is created when installing stuff.



Death of a Windows Installation

by Administrator 17. August 2010 11:28

Yesterday evening, a virus managed to sneak past my Antivirus Software booby trapping all Exe's coming it's way. Actually that thing was not too clever - though AntiVir was not able to remove it it keept on notifying of infected files and random errors kept on popping up from time to time. I guess the trick about a good virus is that it stays unnoticed for a long time. I saw connections to some polish domain in Process Monitor and decided to pull the network cable and reinstall the box. Furhtermore - since i was planning to get a faster box in some months anyway, I decided to keep this box as a backup in case my working Pc kicks the bucket.

So I decided to install a minimal Windows XP without any other software to have a running system. What I did not remember at this point were the problems getting to run the box in the first place. When installing Windows and even in Windows itself prior to the point where Nvidia drivers are instaled, the box just instantly turns off from time to time. What pissed me off about this extremely was, that the box was a bundle from Atelco which is a shop selling readily configured bundles and a good reason to purchase such a bundle is the expectation that it works flawless out of the box.

Ok, right now after ~20 instant power offs and some checkdsk runs (to correct trashed directories), I'm wiping free space on the hard drive to get rid of any traces of the prior installation (e.g. Steam account data). I searched some time on google to find a good tool for the job and again SysInternals saves the day. SDelete wipes free space overwriting data with random sequences which makes undeleting almost impossible. It's just a tiny command line tool with some options that does not require installation.

I hope I'll get the new box running with Windows 7 this evening. Installing software will take a considerable amount of time, perhaps I'll install my stuff just when I need it.




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