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New song added.

Enjoy :P


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I created a new fiddler plugin that allows to inject jsconsole scripts into webpages. Read here to find out more.


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by Administrator 1. Juni 2013 10:28

I googled around a bit to see, where my music is used. It's great to see creative commons work. :) Feel free to send me additional Urls if you find places where my work is around.

Yellow Inspiration (Crossroads)

Rievocazione del viaggio del monaco Guido degli Strambiati (Enclave)

Magie des Quatre Saisons (Plain)

A Week in Aquitaine - Day 2 (Voice)

ISAF Sicherheitstraining (Plain)

Rallye Montagne Noire 2013 [HD] DRCrallyfilms (Crossroads)

Alles Gute zum ersten Geburtstag wünschen wir den Babybabies (Happy Birthday)

Die älteste Pyramideneiche Europas - Harreshausen/Hessen (Crossroads)

Icey Caverns - Timelapse (Voice)

Zangarmarsh - Timelapse (Voice)

Ocean Radio Chilled "Midnight Silhouettes" (8-31-14) (Dawn)

Sabina Celestina Rina Scherlippens - Trasloco (by Filippo Crucillà)

Fog Timelapse Test (Voice)

Limpiando la bici despues de un dia por montaña, como limpiar tu bici (Nomad)

타임머신, 랩, 봉사 (자막이랑 봐주세요!)

Time Lapse Sky 150814 (Voice)

Получаем очень длинный титул в Perfect World (Beyond Reach)

Ралли Черной Горы 2015 [HD] Eutropios (Voice)

Стань топом. Часть 5. (Fearless)

Гайд по магу. (Fearless)

Экскурсия по лесопосадке, или веломаршрут для супруги. (Lost)

Fog on Nonshaug 890moh (Voice)

60 Секунд. Сумасшедшие в бункере. (Fearless)

[Geek vs. Wild] D'Olmi Cappella au Monte Tolu en boucle - 18-10-2015 (Eclipse)

Launch of the ATV to ISS with Ariane 5 ES (On the Move)

Стань топом. Часть 7. (Beyond Reach)

La Superluna llena Octubre 2015 (Voice)

Roma con la GoPro: da Prati a Corso francia (On the Move)

Moteros:Belmonte,Cuenca (Voice)

Gaze Remoulins 18-07-2015 (Beyond Reach)


In addition my albums are doing well on jamendo:

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Let's see what the future will bring.


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