WebPod First Public Release

by Administrator 25. August 2012 04:52

My player project works out fine up to this point. I decided to make it accessible publicly. The demo account is limited in that you cannot carry over your settings to a new session. In a nutshell logging in creates a user that is a clone of a default user. I may when the project becomes more stable go a head and allow registrations (like the one i personally use). I will have a close eye on how much traffic it creates and hope to get some nice feedback. 

I mostly tested using Chrome and Firefox. Hopefully I'm not seing too much cross browser issues coming up.


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HTML Audio Elements not loading

by Administrator 11. August 2012 04:29

I'm currently working on a web based podcast player and stepped into an issue with the HTML audio element that affects at least Internet Explorer and Chrome. If you have a page that makes use of the audio tag, the browser will start a request to the url to obtain information like the length of the clip.

Depending on where the clip is located (in ny case it's hosted on feedburner), you may experience these requests to be really slow. I would expect that in such cases it just takes time until the players initialize, however at some point connections just hang and go into a timeout rendering all controls unusable. Since I really don't want to introduce paging or somethig like it i went with the following approach:

When the page loads, all controls have no source set (I added a special style to those).


I wired up a fire-one click handler to the controls to actually set the source:

As you can see, I use a custom attribute to store the actual src value.

After clicking, elements become active and usable:


Of course, I found out after the fact that IE does not apply styling to audio tags. Thanks for that guys ;P Ok, for that I will use a div around the element and apply the style to it.

With this workaround in place you'll face alot less network traffic and your controls actually work the way they should.

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