YouTube Helper

by Administrator 31. März 2012 10:17

I did a little Greasemonkey script that allows marking dysfunctional YouTube links and collect valid ones from search pages.

Check it out here.

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The Boss from Hell

by Administrator 30. März 2012 07:14

Guess they really nailed it:


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DailyQuote updated

by Administrator 23. März 2012 02:37

... they broke it - i fixed it! ;P

Find the update here.

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by Administrator 14. März 2012 13:18

My new album is out on Jamendo. Give it a shot if you're interested.


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Silverlight Print Plugin

by Administrator 13. März 2012 13:18

PiBa sent me a mail with a project he did based upon the silverlight injection article I did. He did a hook based on the method that allows printing silverlight applications. Pretty cool. He asked me to post his project here, so here it is. Please note, that I did not look into it too deeply, perhaps give some feedback.

Thanks alot for contributing PiBa.

SilverlightInjectPrintPlugin.7z (887,68 kb)

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