by Administrator 27. Februar 2011 13:36

Beaker himself. Enjoy.

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Profanity in Code

by Administrator 26. Februar 2011 02:12

Check out these statistics analyzing profanity in code grouped by the language used. I saw this one on TWC9.

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by Administrator 13. Februar 2011 09:12

I read about FTPTD in the c't magazine, where they used to to get a PXE boot working. It's a standalone TFTP client/server, DHCP server, DNS server and syslog daemon. I guess I won't use it for any production thing, but for quick and dirty testing and recovery operations this looks great. There are 32 and 64 bit versions available. 

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by Administrator 5. Februar 2011 04:18

Found on the NSWF podcast #21 - check out this damn funny video in german language.


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