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Enjoy :P


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This Week on Channel 9 pointed out a nice utility called SDelete which was developed by Mark Russinovic. What it does is zero out unallocated space on Windows drives. Though the originally intended idea behind the tool is wiping off confidential data off physical hard drives just to prevent folks from recovering deleted files containing password or other data, there is a nother perfectly valid use as the Channel 9 folks stated.

Let's say you prepare a virtual machine, e.g. for a sales presentation box, zeroing out deleted files will not only make sure that you did not leave any unwanted traces, it also significantly contributes to the compressability of the drive image, if you take into account how much temp data is created when installing stuff.



Razor Syntax Quick Reference

by Administrator 15. Januar 2011 09:15

I saw some nice presentations about the MVC Razor engine, however did not see some sort of cheat sheet so far. Luckily Phil Haack posted something in his blog. Check it out here.

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Humor Consultants

by Administrator 8. Januar 2011 14:51

Perhaps you know those people up in the corporate hierarchy that everyone just laughs about and keeps wondering how they got there and what they do. The book The Man Who Lied to his Laptop sheds some light on this:

And corporations such as IBM, Eastman Kodak, and AT&T have hired humor consultants to help stimulate creativity, motivate employees, improve teamwork, and relieve stress.

Ok, somehow this motivation thing did not really work out with my prior employer but hey :P


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