Collaborative Online Editor

by Administrator 17. Juli 2010 15:52

I found these three services after watching the same Webcast by Scott Hanselman mentioned before:

All these are based on EtherPad by Google. What these sites allow you is to anonymously share a text editor with people in a browser. This is absolutely cool in cases where your instant messanger is just not enough to pin something down.


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Jon Skeet

by Administrator 17. Juli 2010 15:30

I learned about this post on a webcast by Scott Hanselman.

This appears to be the the counterpart for Chuck Norris facts for developers. Really fun stuff. Here some cool ones:

  • When Jon Skeet points to null, null quakes in fear.
  • When Jon pushes a value onto a stack, it stays pushed.
  • Jon Skeet does not recognize anonymous types in .net .. he knows everyone of them and where they live.
  • Jon Skeet doesn't need a debugger, he just stares down the bug until the code confesses.
  • There is no 'CTRL' button on Jon Skeet's computer. Jon Skeet is always in control.
  • Jon Skeet's threads do not sleep. They wait.
  • Jon Skeet doesn't call a background worker, background workers call Jon Skeet.
  • Nobody has EVER dared to close the <JonSkeet> tag.
  • When Jon Skeet codes a far JMP, the assembler asks, "How high?"


Fun Stuff

Debugging Asp.NET MVC Routes

by Administrator 16. Juli 2010 14:56

When your routes in MVC don't work, you're there's really nothing to trace into. For a project I always got 404 errors though I was quite convinces that my routes are fine. I found this blog post, by Phil Haack that contains a great debugger for routes.

In a netshull you just embed one line of code in your global.asax.cs and reference the assembly included and will see a table indicating, which routes the passed in url will resolve to instead of really doing the routing. This really helped me. Ok, my problem was, that the route was right, but the controller action was not public *sigh*.



Danimal vs Animal Staring Contest

by Administrator 14. Juli 2010 14:18

Check it out here.

Just epic :)

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Fun Stuff

Silverlight Webcast on MSDN

by Administrator 10. Juli 2010 04:56

Checkout this webcast series on MSDN. It shows some interesting aspects of silverlight development, e.g. MVVM and IoC. This is in german language.



Xaml as Content in Silverlight Applications

by Administrator 3. Juli 2010 00:58

When adding Xaml to a Silverlight application, you may choose to embed it is content instead of a resource. The difference is, that theXaml will then just be placed into the xap archive instead of compiling it into the resources of an assembly in the xap. When accessing such a content xap, you don't see a big difference from a developer perspective, here is an example, of such a resource being embedded in the global resources:


        <ResourceDictionary Source="Data/Products.xaml"  />



    <client:ProductList x:Key="Products">
        <domain:Product Code="1234" Name="TestProduct 1" SmallImage="" />
        <domain:Product Code="5678" Name="TestProduct 2" SmallImage=""/>
        <domain:Product Code="9012" Name="TestProduct 3" SmallImage="" />

The advantage of embedding xaml is content is, that you can easily generate Xap files dynamically. Instead of just returning a prepackaged Xap, which is a zip file, you can embed dynamically generated resources just as configuration or application data.

When trying to develop such a thing i stepped into errors, when starting the application. There appears to be at least one minor difference in between embedding and compiling xaml. When embedding as content, it's somehow mandatory to specify assemblies along with the namespace definitions, when you reference custom assemblies. Intellisense does not automatically fill it in, so I did not have this in the first place.

So this code will work as a compiled xaml, but not as a content xaml:

    xmlns:client="clr-namespace:Projects.Schommer.WebShop" />

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