XapDump v1.1

by Administrator 31. Mai 2010 13:25

Ok, there was some stuff important enough to pack a new release:

  • Bug fixed, when extracting files in subfolders (either via copy&paste or Reflector)
  • Fixed a display bug with filtering
  • Added the option to select a reflector directory. If the executable is not found at %PROGRAMFILES%\Reflector, a browse dialog opens to select the executable.

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Lux Aurumque

by Administrator 30. Mai 2010 15:27

I saw about this project in a tv show. Absolutely stunning. The David Whitacre asked people around the world to record their voices and mixed this into one song. That's a 180 amateur choir and look how great it sounds - furthermore the song by itself is really great.



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by Administrator 30. Mai 2010 14:53

New song added.

Enjoy :P


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Explosion Generator

by Administrator 30. Mai 2010 04:42

Check out this flash applet (source is also provided). The output is quite good and reminds of old c64/amiga games.


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XapDump v1.0

by Administrator 30. Mai 2010 02:45

Ok, I cleaned up a little, added a textual filter for the list of files and added sorting. This should do for a while.

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Best Avatar ever

by Administrator 29. Mai 2010 15:37

I spotted this avator in an RPG forum some months ago :P



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by Administrator 29. Mai 2010 05:07

I added a little extension for Fiddler that i hacked together this moring. Check this page to find out more.

Enjoy :P

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Silverlight navigation applet

by Administrator 27. Mai 2010 15:44

Check it out here. Yup, absolutely useless, but hey :P

Unfortunately BlogEngine.NET get's kinda uncool when using iframes in posts - that's why it's not part of this post.


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High 5 Etiquette

by Administrator 26. Mai 2010 15:32

Check out this hillariour guide to high fives.



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ComPod podcast

by Administrator 24. Mai 2010 07:56

I found this nice podcast (german language). Extremely funny and informative.

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