Cruise Control.NET & StatLight

by Administrator 29. April 2010 06:45

As posted some weeks ago we ran into issues with hung IE instances in a continuous integration environment running Silverlight unit tests. We switched to the StatLight which runs really good so far. To get the results in the build report, you need to adjust the stylesheet that transforms the unit test results to html.

Our build/integration guru Klaus was kind enough to provide this.

Check the readme.txt for instructions on how to install this. (2,48 kb)

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Certificate Patrol Firefox Addon

by Administrator 25. April 2010 09:54

Right now there is a big discussion on SSL security that deals with the way certificates are handled. In Internet Exlorer and browsers that rely on the Windows infrastructure for certificate management (Firefox is the only one that does not as far as I know), there is a mechanism in place to load certificates form microsoft when an unknown root CA is spotted.

The actual list of CAs trusted by default is much bigger than one would expect. This actual list is much bigger than most people might expect and it contains some CAs that you probably would not expect to be trusted automatically.

Another thing is, that CAs worldwide must issue any certificates for state authorities when being asked to. This allows intercepting traffic to SSL secured site using man in the middle attacks. Probably a good example here is, someone from China logging into an SSL secured forum in the states. Chine could go to trusted CA in china and have a certificate fored to prepare a man in the middle attack. The Security Now Podcast suggested, that there is networking infrastructure available to automate this kind of man in the middle attacks quite easily.

There are some Firefox addons that deal with this issue. Certificate Patrol will store the certificate retrieved from a site when entering the first time and then compare the original to the one that is presented, when later visiting the site. Of course at some point sites generate a new certificate, however a change is a good point to look at the certification chain and evaluate whether everything is fine. There seems to be another approach, where multiple peers connecting to the same site compare the certificates presented.

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Goodbye Cubase

by Administrator 25. April 2010 09:23


after working with Cubase 4 LE for more than a year, I decided, it's time to move on. The thing that originally got me to Cubase was, that it's wide spread and many resources are available. Another great thing is, that the pricing for entry products is really aggressive. I did not pay anything for the LE version since it's bundled with 2 hardware items I purchased, a midi keyboard and a midi interface.

When I started making music, I used hardware and no VSTs at all since I did not see any good way to have my computer handle the load of VSTs needed (with all effects and so on). This definitely shifted since I started making music last year. The first songs were completely done with my Yamaha Motif rack. Then I peaked into some freeware VSTs and really got hooked. Right now I'm using about 30 freeware VSTs / effect plugins along with Omnisphere and Komplete. And the variety in sound is much bettern than anything I would expect to get with hardware and a reasonable price. Apart from that VSTs are really neat to handle, no cables, effects can be easily assiged...

Cubase LE restricts the number of VSTs used in a song to 8, which is fair in my opinion since it's the smallest version and there must be some way to get people to bigger versions, however in the mid term I would see myself having to invest in a bigger version. One thing that extremely pissed me off in Cubase was the instability of the VST stack. I experienced multiple times, where playback started to get mangled, even though the utilization was not really high.

Another thing that is kind of annoying about Cubase is, that it never feels like a Windows application with a well thought through user experience. You always feel yourself maximizing MDI windows for no reason and dialogs for selecting instruments or values always behave as if they were developed in a hurry. Another really annoying stuff is the copy protection that once forced me to re-setup my pc because of COM+ problems (stangely no other app had any problems). Ok, this is still better than some dongle stuff, but it's still annoying.

I looked out for some alternatives in the past months. Absolutely important to me was support for VSTs since I don't want to be restricted to the sound generaters of the DAW. I looked at Ableton, which really does not work with my way of composing.

Today I looked into Reaper which was praised in Computer Music Magazine and it really made a good look for me.The functionality offers everything I needed in Cubase as far as I see it. However the GUI is much better and works more responsive and thought through. I did some VST testing and did not manage to trash the audio yet. Princing is completely insane. For privat use there is a 60$ license which is absolutely nothing in comparison to other products. Reaper is in no way bloated. The download is just 4MB, you install and in 30 seconds you're good to go. The 30 day trial version is not limited in functionality. One thing that I did not look into yet is the support for my Motif rack. However this is not this important to me anymore since I got all sounds I need as VSTs.




by Administrator 21. April 2010 13:22

Wow - this is really a cool puzzle game.

Levels are quite abstract and make real fun.


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Erhu moderated

by Administrator 9. April 2010 07:49
It took some time, but now it's moderated on Jamendo and can be found and listened to. Unfortunately the mp3 encoding seems to kinda suck for this album. I suggest you download it to get a decent quality.


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by Administrator 4. April 2010 11:38

I took the last three songs and one new to package a new album for Jamendo. This is more new age and less pop, enjoy. The name Erhu comes from the flute-ish sounding instrument (it's not a flute actually) used in all songs which comes from the VST DSK Asian Dreamz.

The album is currently being transcoded and moderated and will be available here.



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