by Administrator 30. Januar 2010 15:24

... and now something completely different :P



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Alka-Seltzer added to spherical water drop in microgravity

by Administrator 27. Januar 2010 15:56

Yup, always wondered what it would look like ;P

See here.

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by Administrator 24. Januar 2010 07:56

Since using my Podcast Downloader a look some of my podcasts on the PC and some on the XBMC. On the PC i usually use VLC, partially because of the always on top feature. Unfortunately VLC seems to have problem with high resolutions WMV files at this point in time and though it's a known issue, noone seems to care. I found this nifty tool which does exactly what the name implies. It an make any arbitrary windows always on top. Just select the window and Hit Ctrl+Alt+T.

Great stuff, thanks guys!




by Administrator 23. Januar 2010 14:44

New song added.

Enjoy :P


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Hardcore Parkour!

by Administrator 20. Januar 2010 16:08


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Parkour Motion Reel

by Administrator 18. Januar 2010 13:42
Enjoy this nice video - really well made and cool concept.


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Jamendo album live

by Administrator 9. Januar 2010 10:06

My album on Jamendo went live yesterday, find it here. I've got to say, right now they delivered everything I expected just fine. Setting up the album was a real no brainer. The reason why the new album is not up immediately after uploading is, that you have to certify that you own the rights to the stuff you upload when registering an artist. This involves manual action on jamendos side and I guess a week is totally acceptable here. This only applies to the first time when uploading anything. When you're adding further stuff it's immediately there.

The album contains Jutta, Song_3, Song_8 and Song_9. I decided to rename the nameless songs for the sake of convenience. On my music page, I removed the stuff that is hosted on jamendo now and added a widget to play them

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by Administrator 3. Januar 2010 15:09

Check out this demo by fairlight.  The effect is totally stunning and the music absolutely great. You'll find the artist on


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Moving some music over to jamendo

by Administrator 3. Januar 2010 15:02

I decided to host some of my songs on Jamendo. There are actually two reasons that lead me to the decision.

  • Webspace and bandwidth for this domain are quite limited and I'm not willing to upgrade the account.
  • Jamendo offers quite a good accessibility and the concept really appeals to me. 

I put my stuff under creative commons license which is exactly what happens there. You host your stuff but keep the rights to it and get chances to make some money or publicity. I'm not really interested in any of this, however this is much more than what I can personally get working.

Jamendo requires uncompressed or at least lossless compress audio files (.flac). This required me to rerecord what I wanted to publish there. For now I made an album with four titles.

I will post an exact link at the point where it's publicly available, I will reroute all song links at the point when they are available.

Furthermore I will keep you up to date with my personal experience of the platform. As a music listener you can only win on such projects, the artist side of it is however not so broadly discussed.


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Commando Highscore Remix

by Administrator 2. Januar 2010 08:29

I did a remix of the infamous Commando highscore tune from the Commodore 64 game by Rob Hubbard to publish on You'll also find the tune at my music page.

Vote for me, if you enjoy it.


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