by Administrator 17. November 2009 08:52

Added new song.

Enjoy :P



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Kseniya Simonova's Amazing Sand Drawing

by Administrator 14. November 2009 05:58

Check this out:

How amazing is that? I've got to admit I never heard of sand drawing before. 


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Podcast Downloader

by Administrator 7. November 2009 15:02
I added a tool to download podcasts to the pages section. Check it out.

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New Song added

by Administrator 5. November 2009 08:42
Ok, this took some time. Actually I wanted to compose something two weeks ago to find out that Cubase stopped working - to be more precise the copy protection it uses. I had to reinstall the whole box to get it working again. My Yamaha motif ES does fine by now, the Ultra Proteus makes problem at the moment, I hope I get that sorted out soon.


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