by Administrator 25. September 2009 15:15

This is the most annoying stuff in development - you get errors on production systems where you cannot get a debugger or anything that requires an installation running. This week I had problems with three webservices calling each other and one of them silently failing.

The way out of the debugging dilemma was ProxyTrace. In a nutshell this is Fiddler Light. ProxyTrace is an 80k standalone executable that does not require any installation. It will listen on a specified port and act as an http proxy. It only handles text and is quite limited in it's function - however it's enough to inspect, whether http requests happen at all and which results they deliver. A good combination is for instance to grab results out of it and then use the Fiddler request builder to reissue them.

There is also a tool for debugging raw tcp connections called TcpTrace made by the same folks. This one acts like a bouncer with logging capabilities. These standalone tools really save the day when you get into production - thanks guys.

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Injecting Code into Silverlight Applications

by Administrator 20. September 2009 14:28

I added an article about how to inject code into Silverlight applications.


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Rette Deine Freiheit

by Administrator 19. September 2009 05:18

Check out this video if you're speaking german.  It's a nice comment to the current development in law changes we see torwareds online privacy and security.



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Augmented Reality Pool

by Administrator 19. September 2009 05:12

Check out this video on Youtube. The guys from Queens university show augmented reality for pool playing and "Deep Green" a pool playing robot.


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Fun Stuff | General

The Battle for Wesnoth

by Administrator 13. September 2009 08:48

Right now World of Warcraft is a little boring after I left my raid and started searching for a new one. I found this free gem - which is a mixture of NetHack and Battle Isle, where you can spent countless hours of role-play/turn based strategy fun. Right now I'm really bad, but I hope this is gonna change. 

Thanks to you guys making such projects. Simply awsome!



Diffing Xml Files

by Administrator 1. September 2009 13:17

There are good diffing tools for line orientated texts like sourcecode, including free ones like WinMerge, however if you are planning to compare Xml things get a little harder, especially when you have no line breaks at all.

I had the problem when trying to compare the result of two webservice soap calls. A co-worker suggested using the PSPad addon XmlFormat and then using a standard diff tool. What shall I say - totally awesome and everything's free.

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