Giana Sisters Remake for Windows

by Administrator 31. August 2009 17:54

As a game contribution to the Buenzli 2009, some people did a remake of the infamous Commodore 64 game "Giana Sisters", called Giana's Return.

You'll find the homepage here and the download here.

I've gotta say, this is one of the best classic remakes on the PC I've seen so far. I hope to see more from you guys.

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Theo Jansen: The art of creating creatures

by Administrator 29. August 2009 08:19
I recently saw this video on youtube. It's absolutely amazing how simple you can create something that impressive.

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Silverlight Cumulus

by Administrator 23. August 2009 14:27

I saw the WP Cumulus by Roy Tanck's on Diggnation today - this one was so cool, so I gave it a shot with silverlight. WP Cumulus is a Word Press plugin that shows a 3D representation of a tag cloud. Unfortunately my hoster does not seem to support Silverlight right now, so i packed a download. Keep in mind that this is just an early demo without configuration options and in depth testing.

Here's a little screenshot: (8,45 kb)


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by Administrator 23. August 2009 03:34

new song added.

Listen to it here.


Enjoy :P


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by Administrator 15. August 2009 05:12

New song added.

You can listen to it here.




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Nice riddle

by Administrator 8. August 2009 03:57

Check out this riddle.,-Jocks,-and-Lockers.aspx

Bruteforcer is included. I totally did not expect the result.



Yes we can :P

by Administrator 8. August 2009 03:28

At work we were with Silverlight 3 client access policies. A client access policies allows silverlight applications to make requests to other servers than the one the silverlight applet is hosted on. Basicly such a policy is a file at the root of the server you are contacting that contains rules defining who may access resources.

Our concrete problem was the following:

We needed to enable a Silverlight application hostet on the Visual Studio Development Webserver to consume https services present on a remote machine. When testing with development machines we run into problems where the silverlight client did not even try to retrieve the policy file from the remote host. The reason was the untrusted certificate which prevented the policy from being retrieved. This surely makes sense, though a notification whould have been nice. The other problem that is not so quite obvious, is that defining this

<allow-from http-request-headers="*">
  <domain uri="*"/>

will not allow crossing over from http to https (Visual Studios Development server only does http). 

The final file that did the job looked like this:

clientaccesspolicy.xml (384,00 bytes)

I cannot stress enough, how good Fiddler is, when it comes to web development (even when you do silverlight and soap stuff).

Perhaps one thing you want to do when testing stuff like this and do not have access to the remote server that you want to consume services of is create a fiddler auto responder that issues client access policies for the remote server.

Happy developing :P



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