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by Administrator 26. Juli 2009 03:07

just to give you an update on what I'm doing now, this is a little tool I'm developing. It's called Pipe and is a little batch processor. You can define commands like retrieving a text or a url, apply modifications..

The concept evolved at work, where we do service unit tests using SoapUI. With this tool you create SOAP requests and later on verify the response against what you expect using XPath or other criteria. If you're doing continuous testing such a tool is probably the tool of choice, however if you're developing and just want a sneak peak into a service response, this is more than what you want. Pipe is not directly aimed towards xml or web services, it processes texts. However I'm quite confident it will get the job done. It will also be able to handle tasks like merging files, perform transforms...

In addition to the embedded commands, it's able to contribute new ones.

Here's a little screenshot of what it looks like right now:


On the left hand side you see the chain of commands to be executed. The three panels on the right hand side show the variables before the current command, the command configuration and the variables after the command. A variable is a text string with a name, stream being the default. Commands set and read variable values contributing their logic.

I will post the tool here, when it's reached a usable state. Don't expect anything polished here.


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by Administrator 17. Juli 2009 16:26

... extremely disturbing...


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by Administrator 12. Juli 2009 04:12

I added this one to the pages, it's a little old but still funny. Enjoy.

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by Administrator 12. Juli 2009 04:03
I added this little mod to the pages. Enjoy.

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