by Administrator 30. März 2009 12:46
If you need a way to alalyse / modify xml files from the commandline, check out this tool. I read an article on c't' where they used xml2 to convert XML into a format that can be analysed using tools like grep, awk and sed. However I did not find binaries for the windows platform. XMLStarlet offers this functionality as well. I did some tests modifying a web.config. It takes some time to get good results but it's definitely worth it.



Added ColumnToFile to the tools section

by Administrator 26. März 2009 01:52
This commandline tool allows saving binary SQL Server fields to physical files.


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On .NET executable protections

by Administrator 15. März 2009 10:25
I write a little article on the topic. You find it in the page list at the right.

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I started composing again

by Administrator 14. März 2009 14:27

After about 10 years of pause I started composing again. Something that drew me back in the past months was the missing environment. I used to compose with my own software "wSEQ" right from the beginning which is closely related to Sound-Tracker Style editors known from the Amiga, however it appeared to be too much work to get the project to a point that supports my current hardware fully. So I decided to give Steinberg Cubase LE a shot. Right now I don't see much missing, however it's a big change to enter notes playing on a midi keyboard.

Cubase LE comes as an OEM version with many midi/audio devices. If you want to start composing I can really recommend it.

You can find my songs at this Url: http://music.aschommer.de/ . The page has no real layout or anything, I will just post my songs there with a little player applet. The player used is MP3 Player.



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