My first Fiddler Plugin

by Administrator 23. Oktober 2008 13:24

As you perhaps know - Fiddler is one of the best tools for web developers.It allow acts as a proxy and allows you to inspect web traffic, forging requests/responses...

A really nice thing about it is the api. You can write tiny .NET assemblies that break in during events and execute custom code. I took the Flipimage plugin and added some custom logic. To see it in action, copy the dll and the config into the scripts folder below fiddler. Then start fiddler and enable "Mervin" under the tools menu. Try the plugin on or any other webpage. Your can also specify patterns of images to handel in the config file, the pattern key allows to enter comma seperated string patterns for the image url.

I included the source sou you can easily build your own plugin :P (309,04 kb)


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sqlDev Website is (almost) up

by Administrator 18. Oktober 2008 08:24

allright - the administration tool for Domain Box appears to be down right not - so i guess I'll try creating the subdomain later today.

SqlDev is my current project - an IDE for Microsoft SQL Server development. I will first provide some betas until enough functionality is inside to make it worth a purchase. SqlDev will be Shareware and really inexpensive. Actually I'm only planning to compensate the costs of this website and the components I purchased to create it. I'll post some infomation on the progress of the project here from time to time and perhaps some interesting stuff I stumlbed across during development.

The website for the project will be


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Mervin is my personal hero

by Administrator 10. Oktober 2008 13:17

Check out MTVs Fur TV. I haven't laughed this much since my last paycheck.


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by Administrator 8. Oktober 2008 16:19

As a web developer you may find this context menu extension for Internet Explorer quite useful. It allows you to show all form values or copy predefined one straight into the clipboard. Unzip somewhere, run the executable and check "Extract all form values" to start off. Close the executable to save your settings.

Restart Internet Explorer to test the new menu entry."Extract all form values" will open notepad with a list of all forms on the page and their controls with their current value. If you want to add additional context menu entries for specific controls, start the exe and add them in there. (9,25 kb)


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Blog is up

by Administrator 6. Oktober 2008 14:11

Welcome to my blog. I hope you'll find some interesting things about my projects and software development in general.




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